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About Your Consultation

You will meet with an attorney who has prepared for your consultation by studying your documents, reviewing background information, and conducting preliminary legal research. During the consultation, you will receive our recommended course of action to resolve your immigration issue.

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  1. Complete the intake form. To make the most of the consultation, it is in the client’s best interest to be as thorough as possible regarding their immigration history at the intake stage. Sharing documents of prior immigration applications is essential for a successful consultation.
  2. Our team will contact you to schedule a consultation, collect your deposit, and let you know what documentation you need to bring.
  3. You will meet with one of our attorneys to review your case at your appointed time.
  4. The full amount of the consultation fee is credited to your case if the attorney is hired within 15 days of the consultation.

For more information see frequently asked questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the first consultation free?

The initial consultation is $200. We require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to schedule the appointment, except for Saturday consultations, which must be paid in full ahead of the meeting.

2. What should I bring to the consultation?

To effectively use time during the consultation, please bring copies of your immigration records if you have them. Also, please bring court documents showing the verdict and sentence if there is a criminal history.

3. Will I be speaking with an attorney?

Yes, you will discuss the case with the attorney, not with the assistants.

4. Does the attorney speak Spanish/English?


5. Do I have to hire an attorney for my immigration matter?

You have the same rights with or without an attorney; hiring legal help is not mandatory, and no immigration lawyer can help you if you do not qualify for any benefits under the law as written.

However, immigration law is often compared to a maze of statutes, regulations, and policies. Even seemingly easy cases can become complicated if one detail is overlooked. Simple mistakes, from filing in the wrong office to failing to include a document, can mean your case will be denied. Other errors, like filing an application for a benefit for which you do not qualify, can lead to deportation or permanent disqualification from obtaining any immigration benefits. Hiring a law firm experienced in immigration law minimizes mistakes.

When an individual is in removal proceedings, he or she faces an accusation by the Department of Homeland Security, which will be represented by an attorney. Hiring legal counsel will help ensure that your rights will be protected and that the process will be fair.

6. Where is your office located?

The office address is 200 Little Falls St., Suite G-400, Falls Church, Virginia 22046. It is located at the Falls Church Professional Building in Suite G-400 in the BASEMENT, not on the 4th Floor. The nearest bus stop is on Route 7 W. Broad St. and Little Falls St. It is served by WMATA bus 28A.


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